General Information

Gaska Tape is committed to making the order process as smooth and trouble free as possible. This section contains an abundance of information you'll find useful as you place your order - such as a description of our part numbers, comparative charts of our product's typical physical properties, our discount schedule and conditions of sale, and our limited warranty.

In addition, we offer a few helpful hints for converters who will be cutting or die cutting the material, as well as guidance on what to do should the material be damaged in freight or defective. Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

Helpful Hints

  1. Cutting This helpful hint addresses problems related to cutting. We take a proactive position to help circumvent problems before they occur.
  2. Die Cutting Use this helpful hint to head off potential causes of defects, scrap, complaints and returns.
  3. Yield Explanation This helpful hint explains the yield policy for full-width untrimmed rolls.
  4. Freight Damage & Defective Materials This helpful hint explains how to recover lost dollars due to freight damages or defective material.
  5. Locate System This helpful hint is to help you understand lot trace-ability.
  6. VK Spacer Tapes The purpose of this "Helpful Hint" is to provide Gaska Tape customers with a guide to using VK Series foams as spacer tape in structural silicone curtain wall applications.