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Gaska Tape Automotive Products

(Those which are annually certified) Updated 1/15/18 CDH

Name of Foam Specification No PSA Series Roll Goods w/PSA3 *Die Cuts w/PSA3
ASTM D1056 (American Society of Testing and Material) & SAEJ18 (Society of Automotive Engineers)
 2C0 ESL600
 2C1 ESL1000
 2C2 and 2B2 ESL1500
 2C3 and 2B3 ESL2100
 Type A1 SO500
 Type B1 SO510 A3 SO513ER A3
 Type C1 SO514 A3 SO514ER A3
 Type A2 (supersedes MSAY510A) LC700
 Type B2 (supersedes MSAY510B) LC710 A3 LC713ER A3
 Type C2 (supersedes MSAY510C) LC714 A3 LC714ER A3
 Type A31 (supersedes MSAY511A) V700
 Type B31 (supersedes MSAY511B) V710 A3 V713ER A3
 Type C31 (supersedes MSAY511C) V714 A3 V714ER A3
 Type A4 V1100BK
 Type B4 V1110BK A3 V1113BK-ER A3
 Type C4 V1114BK A3 V1114BK-ER A3
 Type A5 V1500
 Type B5 V1510 A3 V1513ER A3
 Type C5 V1514 A3 V1514ER A3
 Type A6 V2500
 Type B6 V2510 A3 V2513ER A3
 Type C6 V2514 A3 V2514ER A3
 Type A7 A600
 Type B7 A610 A3 A613ER A3
 Type C7 A614 A3 A614ER A3
 Type A1 PVN700
 Type B1 PVN710 A3 PVN713ER A3
 Type C1 PVN714 A3 PVN714ER A3
 Type A2 PVN1200
 Type B2 PVN1210 A3 PVN1213ER A3
 Type C2 PVN1214 A3 PVN1214ER A3
 Type A3 PVN1800
 Type B3 PVN1810 A3 PVN1813ER A3
 Type C3 PVN1814 A3 PVN1814ER A3
 Type A1 ESL600
 Type B1 ESL610 A3 ESL613ER A3
 Type C1 ESL614 A3 ESL614ER A3
 Type A2 ESL1000
 Type B2 ESL1010 A3 ESL1013ER A3
 Type C2 ESL1014 A3 ESL1014ER A3
 Type A3 ESL1500
 Type B3 ESL1510 A3 ESL1513ER A3
 Type C3 ESL1514 A3 ESL1514ER A3
 Type A4 ESL2100
 Type B4 ESL2110 A3 ESL2113ER A3
 Type C4 ESL2114 A3 ESL2114ER A3
 M4542 V700 V710 A3
 ESB-M3G77-A V1600 V1610 A3 V1613ER A3
 ESB-M3G102-A V700 or A6002 V710 A3 or A6102 A3 V713ER A3 or A613ER2 A3
 ESB-M4D233-C A1100 A1110 A3 A1113ER A3
 WSB-M3G102-B2 PVN600 PVN610 A3 PVN613ER A3
 WSK-M4G70-C V1500, or ESL1500
(Notes: Exception to specification as these are pre-expanded foams instead of plastisols; also, this spec replaces ESB-M4G70-A)
General Motors
 Type 1 Class 1 SO500 (LC7002) (LC7102 A3) S0513ER A3 (LC713ER2 A3)
 Type 2 Class 2 V700, A600 or ESL700 V710 A3, A610 A3 or ESL710 A3 V713ER A3, A613ER A3 or ESL713ER A3
 Type 3 Class 2 A800 A810 A3 A813ER A3
 Type 4 Class 2 V1100BK or ESL1300 V1110BK A3 or ESL1310 A3 V1113BK-ER A3 or  ESL1313ER A3
 Type 5 Class 2 V1500 or ESL2200 V1510 A3 or ESL2210 A3 V1513ER A3 or ESL2213ER A3
 Type 6 Class 2 V2500 V2510 A3 V2513ER A3
GMW17408 (Note: Class 2 materials are approved for use in all Class 3 subcategories of the same type)
 Type 2 Class 2 V700 or ESL700 V710 or ESL710 A3 V713ER A3 or ESL713ER A3
 Type 5 Class 2 (also Class 4) ESL2200 ESL2210 A3 ESL2213ER A3

* Die Cutting Notes: 7 replaces 3ER (eg. V717 instead of V713ER) and 8 replaces 4ER to specify 12pt. release board (easy release is standard on release board used for kiss cutting). For cost and processing reasons on thin products only, convertors may prefer to buy our tape grade version with extra release on the foam side (eg. V710XR instead of V713ER), which enhances reverse unwinding the material. However, they need to be aware of the yield loss equal to the roll circumference as well as the machine direction compression that this causes, which is why thick products are not acceptable for this type of processing (see Helpful Hints #2).

Name of Adhesive Specification Description Adhesive Type3
Chrysler (now contained within the foam specification MS-AY500, MS-AY516 and MS-AY565)
 M3G76-B PSA with polyester film carrier A3, L3 (-4 or -8)
General Motors
(Note: GM adhesive specifications do not specify the test substrate. Gaska Tape certifies its products to the substrate standards of stainless steel and ABS.  Other substrates may be submitted for adhesive recommendation testing as applicable.  Only the GM foam products listed in this document are certified with the following adhesives to these standardized substrates.  Other products may require different adhesive/quantity combinations.)
GM3607M PSA only (Stainless steel or ABS) A3
GM3622M PSA only (Stainless steel or ABS) A3, L3
GMW16443 Type 1 PSA only (Stainless steel or ABS) A3

1 Deviation necessary on Compression Set
2 Deviation necessary on Compression Deflection Range
3 Adhesive thickness may be upgraded to level 4 from level 3 and still comply with the requirements.