About Us

Gaska Tape Inc. manufactures a wide variety of customized specialty foam and tape products. If you need a Polyvinyl foam (PVC), Polyester Blend foam, Polyolefin foam, Gaska Hi-Bond tape, or EPDM these are just a few of the products we offer. To learn more about us, please visit our products section to see a more complete listing of our product offerings in various density and products Gaska has to offer.

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Company Profile

1965. In the humble confines of a 2-car garage in Elkhart, Indiana, three entrepreneurs begin providing conversion services to the local market.

1976. The 11-year-old company is purchased by one of the entrepreneurs, Jack Boyd Smith, and the Smith family. Their vision is one of growth and expansion, as well as a commitment to excellence. It proves to be a solid foundation.

Today, privately owned by Jack B.Smith, Jr., Gaska Tape comprises 250,000-square-feet of manufacturing space. It is internationally recognized for innovative product development technology and production processes in the foam and adhesive industry. Jack B. Smith Jr. directs the company as its president.

Aggressive research and development programs. State-of-the-art manufacturing and laboratory facilities. A management team that encourages innovation and vision. Every aspect of Gaska Tape is devoted to analyzing and meeting the particular needs of the customers we serve.

The Pursuit of Quality

Every manufacturer has its problems. These are inherent in any business. But what separates the better companies from the others is one crucial factor: a continual focus on identifying and fixing problems. Gaska Tape is that type of manufacturer.

Our comprehensive Quality Management System is integrated into every aspect of our operations. From quoting to supplier selection. From design to production. From accounting to inventory.

A flawless process isn\'t what contributes to our superior products. A dedicated QMS is.

Environmental Leadership

For several years, Gaska Tape has been at the forefront of environmental responsibility. In 1995, we installed a self-fueling, regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) that eliminates 96% of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Why did we do it? Not because it was required. Instead, we firmly believe that green living - and manufacturing - are vital to the future of the world. Rather than wait for a federal mandate, we research environmental issues and make decisions that uphold our philosophy.

It is an ongoing and integrated pursuit, as we strive for continual improvement in creating the safest environment possible for the local community and our employees.

(For facts on environmental issues related to vinyl manufacturing and recycling, please visit the Vinyl Institute at www.vinylinfo.org.)

The Gaska Tape Mission

We dedicate our efforts to develop, produce, market and deliver products and services of the highest quality and uniformity that consistently meet our customers\' needs. In this endeavor, we are committed to continually improve the reliability of our products, services and the overall performance of our organization in order to meet our obligations to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and our stockholders.