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Color Matching
• Available in most formulations.
• Capable of producing custom colors and color matches, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
• Computerized laboratory equipment facilitates batch to batch reproducibility.
• Bi colors available up to .787”, without laminating.

• Permanent laminations double the available thickness ranges of our product line.
• Specialty and customer supplied material can be incorporated to add value and make use of our advanced adhesive technology.
• Capable of laminating films, foils and non-woven.
• Available up to 2” thick as tri-lamination (PVC).

Fire Retardant (F Series)
• Available on a quotation basis only.
• Self-extinguishing formulations conforms to UL 94 requirement.
• Gray is the standard recognized component. (Other colors available upon request.)
• Available in a range of densities of 6 to 35 pounds per cubic foot.

• Width availability from .188” to 1.625”.
• The standard core is 8” in width. 12” width core available upon request.
• Jumbo reels available in multiples of 4 reels from .500” to 1.00” only.
• Length availability is based on thickness of the material.

Die Cutting
• Parts 18” in width (or less) and 10” in length (or less) and .500” in thickness (or less) are usually +/-.049” in dimensions. Special tighter tolerance dies may be available for thin materials (under .031” in thickness).
• Parts greater than 18” in width or 10” in length are +/-.125” in dimensions (Note: Maximum width is 28”; maximum length is 17”; maximum thickness is 1”).
General Note: All dies are verified for tolerances prior to final acceptance by Gaska Tape Inc. Certain special configurations may require increased tolerances. Customers will be contacted for mutual agreement of new tolerances prior to production of parts.

Chopped Pieces (Cut to Length)
• Parts of 45” in length (or less) and 13” in width (or less) are +/-.250” in dimensions.
• (Note: Maximum length is 45”; maximum width is 13”; maximum thickness is .750”.)
General Note: As the part becomes thicker (especially above .375” thick), the part becomes beveled on the leading and trailing edges.

NOTE: Data is intended as a guide only and is presented without guarantees and without assumption of liabilities resultant from the use of information provided. This data is not to be used for specification purposes.

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