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Redefining Standards in Foam Technologies

➤  Impactful – Supplying global businesses with top-tier foam products.

➤  Innovative – Our  R&D department tirelessly propels industry standards.

➤  Tech-Forward – High-performance, dependable solutions for modern manufacturing.

At Gaska, we extend beyond the realm of conventional tape manufacturing to provide a comprehensive range of foam tape solutions. We are committed to delivering not just products, but strategic, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of manufacturers across the globe.

You can count on Gaska

Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Industries


We're globally acknowledged as a 'premier' manufacturer, producing yearly certified products and devoted to solutions that conform to rigorous automotive standards.


Considered a 'top choice' for sealing solutions in commercial and residential heating and air-conditioning spaces, Gaska Tape delivers reliability and efficiency.

Leisure and Retail

Starting from retail weather-stripping over 50 years ago, Gaska Tape continues to be an engineering industry leader, delivering top-quality products for every retail need.


Our innovative processes have developed versatile products, tested and trusted in various construction applications such as sound barriers and window glazing.


Our top-notch laboratory designs seals and gaskets for a wide array of general industrial applications, underscoring our versatility and technical expertise.


Our revolutionary technology is utilized to design niche products catering specifically to the medical industry, showcasing our adaptability and innovation.

Gaska Products

Gaska Tape offers a diverse range of products, including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyester Blend (ESL), Polyolefin (E), Polyvinyl Nitrile (PVN), Cling Foam®,  and Acrylic (GHB®) Foams.


At Gaska Tape we pride ourselves on being the Innovators in Foam and Tapes. Our Sales Department will work closely with our new and existing customers to solve and develop custom solutions for your application needs with the support of our Technical Department.


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