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Medium Density Foam

Standard Lead Times

All lead times are calculated using business days. Holidays will extend lead times.


Standard in stock, 5 logs or less: 1 – 3 days
Not in stock or more than 5 logs: 8 days
Non-Standard and Specialty Products: 8 days

Cut Products:

Standard in stock up to 4” wide rolls: 3 days
Non-standard cut rolls and greater than 4” wide
(Including half logs): 13 days

Multi-Step Specialty Products:

Products not ending in 0 or 5. (For example: V713)
All steps from oven through cut: 13 days 



Gaska Tape’s V1100 Series product is a medium-density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam that performs in applications where a tape must still flex to fit and seal.


Characteristics include the ability to make a long-life seal against air, moisture, light, and dust penetration when compressed 30% or more.


Gaska Tape’s V1520 Series product is a medium-density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam coated on both sides with an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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