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Gaska Hi Bond Series GHB4726GY


Gaska Hi Bond Adhesive System (GHB®) consists of a foamed acrylic core that is coated on both sides with high performance acrylic adhesives. This adhesive system provides excellent long term holding power. The tape incorporates a strong closed-cell foamed core that conforms to a wide variety of substrates providing a superior bond.

GHB® tapes are well suited for interior and exterior applications and in many instances can replace rivets, screws, welds and liquid adhesives. GHB® tapes will bond to most dry, clean, oil free surfaces and provide bond strengths along with dynamic shear that is significantly higher than typical pressure sensitive tapes.



  • Designed specifically to bond to high energy surfaces like steel, aluminum & other metals.
  • High tensile, shear and peel adhesion.
  • Moisture/solvent resistant with excellent weathering properties.
  • Shock, vibration and noise dampening.
  • Ease of application reduces production time and cost.
  • Creates permanent dust, light, air and moisture seal.
  • Exceptional dynamic shear properties at cold and hot temperatures.
  • Aids in vibration dampening.


Available Thicknesses:
.030”, .045”, .063”, .090” (.76mm – 2.3mm)

Available Widths:
.030” Thickness: .250” – 36” (6.4mm – 914.40mm)
.045” Thickness: .250” – 36” (6.4mm – 914.40mm)
.063” Thickness: .250” – 17” (6.4mm – 431.80mm)
.090” Thickness: .250” – 17” (6.4mm – 431.80mm)

Available Lengths:
.030” Thickness: 108’ (33M)
.045” Thickness: 108’ (33M)
.063” Thickness: 216’ (66M)
.090” Thickness: 108’ (33M)

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NOTES:  Substrate surfaces must be clean and dry to ensure a good bond. The use of a primer to clean and properly prepare the surface is recommended before using the GHB4726GY product.
Suggest storage at 40°F to 100°F and 0-90% humidity. The optimum storage conditions are 55°F to 75°F and 0-50% relative humidity.
Typical performance properties and characteristics are based on samples tested and are not guaranteed for all samples of this product.
Data is intended as a guide only and is presented without guarantees and without assumption of liabilities resultant from the use of information provided. This data is not to be used for specification purposes.