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ULD400 Series Ultra-Low Density


Formulated for generic sealing, cushioning and sound attenuation applications, ULD400 Series is ideal where cost is a critical factor. Possible alternative to low-density reeled or spooled urethane foams.

Designed to solve your application problems, ULD Series will conform to irregular surfaces and curves.


  • A good choice for light duty cushioning or vibration dampening applications.
  • Compresses easily with good recovery properties.
  • Available with 0.75 mil polypropylene film carrier that reduces any tendency to stretch tape during application.
  • Offers sound attenuation reducing sound levels.
  • Low density and highly flexible.
  • Charcoal color standard.

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Available Thicknesses:
.250” – .500” (6.4mm – 12.7mm)

Available Widths:
.250” – 57” (6.4mm – 1448mm)

Available Lengths:
25’ – 102′ (7.6M – 31M)


NOTES:  The length of the rolls vary depending on the thickness of the material. Gaska Tape offers standard length logs. Master logs are double the standard length plus 2’ and are available upon request for quote.
Typical performance properties and characteristics are based on samples tested and are not guaranteed for all samples of this product.
Data is intended as a guide only and is presented without guarantees and without assumption of liabilities resultant from the use of information provided. This data is not to be used for specification purposes.