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VK Series

Spacer Tape


Gaska Tape’s VK Series products are available as a medium or high density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam.  Designed specifically as a “spacer in structural silicone curtain wall applications.”

Both products are coated on each side with an aggressive high performance S3 solvent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and covered with a 5 mil blue polypropylene film liner.  This product is also available with adhesive on one side.

VK Series can also be used in a wide variety of other applications that previously relied on costly high density urethane gaskets for spacing, vibration dampening or cushioning.


  • Resilient weather seal.
  • Compatible with most chemical cured silicone sealants.
  • VK Series is available with single sided adhesive or double sided adhesive.
  • VK Series offers a good balance of peel strength (PSTC-1) at 2 lbs./linear inch and shear strength (PSTC-7) at 30 hours.
  • VK Series is a cost-effective substitute for polyurethane foam substrates.
  • VK Series also offers good adhesion to stainless steel, glass, aluminum, painted metal and vinyl. It is a cost-effective and viable gasket option for a variety of other industries including industrial equipment manufacturing, automotive glass/windshield and building construction.
  • Black color standard.
  • Other colors available upon request.
  • VK Series spacer has a six-month shelf life.
  • Sulfur-Free

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VK Spacer Tape Helpful Hint

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Available Thicknesses:
VK1826SA   .031” – .375” (0.8mm – 9.5mm)
VK2526SA   .031” – .250” (0.8mm – 6.4mm)

Available Widths:
.250” – 57” (6.4mm – 1448mm)

Available Lengths:
25’ – 302’ (7.6M – 92M)


NOTES:  Gaska Tape VK Series spacer has a six-month shelf life on Solvent Adhesives.
Typical performance properties and characteristics are based on samples tested and are not guaranteed for all samples of this product.
Data is intended as a guide only and is presented without guarantees and without assumption of liabilities resultant from the use of information provided. This data is not to be used for specification purposes.
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