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EM Series

DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s EM Series is a cost effective closed-cell, cross linked polyolefin foam tape.  It is coated on both sides with a high strength adhesive that adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces for medium or light duty mounting.  

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EG Series

DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s EG Series are high performance closed-cell, cross linked polyolefin foam tapes, coated on both sides with a highly aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, that adheres well to a wide variety of surfaces.  These products are available with a blue polyolefin film liner or an 84# polycoated two side, brown kraft liner. This

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EI Series

DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s EI Series is a low density, crossed-linked and irradiated closed cell polyethylene (PE) foam.  It comes standard with E2 acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on brown industrial grade polycoated kraft paper.  EI210 offers one side adhesive while EI220 offers 2 sided adhesive.  The EI Series is a low cost foam and is used

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DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s A600 Series product is a light density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam.  This economical, general-purpose foam tape is manufactured for use in applications requiring positive seals on irregular surfaces or when flex and conformability to seal tight radius curves are critical considerations. Characteristics common to all closed cell vinyl foam products include the

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PVN Series

DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s PVN Series product is a light density Polyvinyl Nitrile (PVC/NBR blend) semi-open cell foam as well as a full range of closed-cell foams.  This series can be cast on release paper liners or permanently bonded to polyester film.  PVN is made in a wide range of densities with a smooth, sharp, glossy

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Description Gaska Tape Inc.® products are often coated with “acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (acrylic PSAs)”.  They offer performance advantages over other types of compositions.  Acrylic PSAs exhibit good ultraviolet and exterior durability, excellent chemical resistance under a broad range of temperatures.  These adhesives are typically characterized by peel and shear. PEEL:  Is a measure of



Color Matching • Available in most formulations. • Capable of producing custom colors and color matches, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. • Computerized laboratory equipment facilitates batch to batch reproducibility. • Bi colors available up to .787”, without laminating. Laminations • Permanent laminations double the available thickness ranges of our product line. • Specialty and customer supplied


ULD400 Series

DESCRIPTION Formulated for generic sealing, cushioning and sound attenuation applications, ULD400 Series is ideal where cost is a critical factor.  It is a possible alternative to low-density reeled or spooled urethane foams. Designed to solve your application problems, ULD Series will conform to irregular surfaces and curves.  It is inherently resistant to fire, ultraviolet rays,

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L1000 Series

DESCRIPTION Gaska Tape’s L1000 Series is designed to meet the extreme demands of the log home industry.  L1000 Series makes a permanent weather-tight seal while eliminating concern over “log float” during construction and provides an airtight seal after construction.  The L1000 Series products are medium density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam. The L1000 Series is available

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